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Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. an educational two weeks for a child. [inaudible] >> if you are not for others, no one will be for you. if you are for others, you will be for you. now or never. i would say the relevancy to you, because giving is probably not something you can afford to do now. you are in a competitive world today. one of the things you should do is hopefully you want to add your own initiatives. at a minimum to improve your stance in the world is to try to find community activities that you can get back to to distinguish your resume from the next person. it is people like me are getting resumes every day in this difficult economic environment. from high class standing people. 800 sats, they are looking for jobs. what you have to do is find a hook on your resume and show a high sense of community service. when i interview people, basically, the desire and commitment to be the best, a strong work ethic. here i am introducing a legend. you know, the legends do something different. you know, these are some of the characteristics. you can get help from the university. if numbers don't speak to you, in other words
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
accept any cut hurts education or that any cuts but when it's defense -- [inaudible] secondly, a lot of conservatives say that the beneficiaries of this defense spending say that it will be bad if we cut the spending. therefore, i briefly, we cannot cut the spending. but that is not what logic conservatives would accept with any other kind of government senators. when teachers say honestly the best thing we can do to stimulate the economy is hire more teachers. well, the answer to that is, of course they would say that, they are teachers. i think the best thing to stimulate the economy is to hire more conservative journalist. [laughter] >> i think it is just self-evident that that would work. [laughter] >> that is logic to consider that it rejects other forms of federal spending. there is also a form of keynesianism that sweeps into conservative economic thinking once you get into defense spending. they begin to talk about the loss of jobs at the close on a military base and the multipliers that we have is the hairdresser who, you know, is cutting the true terror won't have a job tha
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. it will aim to ensure that young people with an aura months of being unemployed or the than formal education are presented with either the offer of a job, continuous education, apprenticeships. this'll be the support of the european social fund. we also introduce a framework to help young people and transitions for employment to work. we are taking these measures to prevent the lost generation in europe. honorable members, it is not just some jobs where we have to turn to reality. it is essential that by the end of this year, the agreement on the single supervisory for banks, but also a precondition for banks in the european stability mechanism. by reaching agreement on this, the european union has an opportunity to restore confidence in demonstrate capacity to take difficult decisions in times of crisis and to send a message of stability. it does not seize this moment and let it also be cleared reaching agreement on these issues is a fundamental precondition if you want to be credible in economic and monetary union. regarding the single supervisory mechanism for banks, without the ongoing p
Nov 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
are investing in the education and development of future capabilities and practice techniques. and we invest in that as we go forward. >> a follow-up question on that. what does that imply were those army civilians? >> i think potentially, they might a little bit. they play a role, but they are not limited at all. >> how we incorporate the planning with those numbers need to be? particularly on the contractors contractor's site? >> i think that what we do, what they want to do -- you want to have the right balance. because again, capabilities that we simply don't have, and that is what they will focus on. they require to do with continuity and consistency that we need. and then we need our military members in order to provide us with experience, expertise, and sometimes it validates what we are trying to do based on expenses. so i think that is what we are trying to capture. >> what i am saying it is his overbalance. i'm trying to rebalance it. >> got it. >> anything else? >> there is a lot of discussion about what we want to do and can do. what are some of the areas that you think of that t
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. the other issue that i want to bring up is you are very good with important ideas of somehow educating people to that. and spreading the word in a way that the sky is not falling, but the clouds are out there and there is a lot going on. and people have to learn that so that they start to behave differently and they start becoming amenable to the series demand for better personal hygiene on the network. >> so today's the last day of cybersecurity awareness month. where it has been a challenge. one of the things, i think is that we need higher-level awareness there is a question about when you look at what abilities, do you look at just the work environment where do you look at the home environment. a lot of habits that you have a development for home, you want people to practice safe computing wherever they are. whether or not it is their device from your device, or whatever kind of device. so i think that to sympathize with the public to the challenges and in a way that we did keep america beautiful, keep america safe, i think that we really need to do that. the second point -- i have
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5